The House In The Clouds

A dream from the clouds

iana dos reis nunes

When I was eight, my mother decided to move my brother and I from Paris to the countryside, far outside the city. Suddenly, at a very young age, I was forced to adjust to life in a tiny village that I couldn’t even spot on the map of France.

We moved into a beautiful 17th century mansion where my brother and I had enough room to act on our wild imaginations. My mother gave us a gigantic room, dubbed "the Atelier," for us to create. We painted, sculpted, and sewed with boundless freedom and passion. I knew instantly that I would always need an “Atelier” to create things, at every age, wherever I went.

Years later, I was lucky enough to marry an amazing man who gave me my own “Atelier” everywhere we lived; first in Manhattan, and now in our beautiful house in Brooklyn with our three girls, Iman, 17-years-old, Neel, 8-years-old and Maeve, 1-year-old.

The House in the Clouds is my dream house--where dragons play among the roses and where children only laugh. I hope you will join me in the clouds. 

From the clouds.....

The name... the sign....

iana dos reis nunes

With my 20-years in the fashion and luxury industry, it felt natural to me to have "House" as part of my brand's name.

The term “house” reflects an idea of luxury and craftsmanship.

It was important for the brand’s name to be inspired by a child’s imagination, as well. And what could be a better place than in "the clouds" to imagine and create.

Two years ago on a business trip in Milan, I visited one of my favorite stores, the amazing 10 Corso Como. There, I came across a necklace called "La maison dans les nuages" Bijou brodé. This discovery had to be a sign. It was finally time to start building my brand.

Now, I am thrilled to welcome you into my house and show you what happens when you keep your eye on your dreams and your head in the clouds.

From the clouds,