The House In The Clouds

A dream from the clouds

iana dos reis nunes

When I was eight, my mother decided to move my brother and I from Paris to the countryside, far outside the city. Suddenly, at a very young age, I was forced to adjust to life in a tiny village that I couldn’t even spot on the map of France.

We moved into a beautiful 17th century mansion where my brother and I had enough room to act on our wild imaginations. My mother gave us a gigantic room, dubbed "the Atelier," for us to create. We painted, sculpted, and sewed with boundless freedom and passion. I knew instantly that I would always need an “Atelier” to create things, at every age, wherever I went.

Years later, I was lucky enough to marry an amazing man who gave me my own “Atelier” everywhere we lived; first in Manhattan, and now in our beautiful house in Brooklyn with our three girls, Iman, 17-years-old, Neel, 8-years-old and Maeve, 1-year-old.

The House in the Clouds is my dream house--where dragons play among the roses and where children only laugh. I hope you will join me in the clouds. 

From the clouds.....