The House In The Clouds


The House in the Clouds is a childrens clothing line designed with a French eye and produced in America.

Our brand is built on two values: the freedom to dream and the ultimate quest for quality.

The foundation of The House is made from childrens dreams and imaginations. A simple sweater will have the power to transform into magical armor, giving anyone who wears it the privilege to ride a mystical dragon.

The Clouds are an endless playground—where all the dreams of our childrens fantastic worlds live.

The House is supported by the precious desire to responsibly produce a line with attention to detail and craftsmanship.

We produce our collection in America with the most luxurious fabrics. We are committed to supporting the amazing ateliers and craftsmen and women of this beautiful country. 

Our collection is both minimal and precious to ensure each piece feels special for our friends who purchase from our House.

We cannot wait to wrap your child in our little cloud of treasures.